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Playing great golf is about more than just making great golf swings. Brian is a member of the Certified Golf Coaches Association.

The Golf Coaches Certification Program was developed by Dr. Rick Jensen, an internationally recognized sport psychologist, business coach, and consultant to numerous PGA and LPGA Touring Pros. In Collaboration with top sport scientists in the golf industry, Dr. Jensen provides golf coaches with golf-specific education and training in disciplines commonly taught within university sport science and coaching curriculums. Additionally, Dr. Jensen provides golf coaches with business coaching to ensure that they develop and sustain a profitable golf coaching business. Certified Golf Coaches differentiate themselves from traditional teachers through their knowledge of:


  • Shifting from teaching golf to coaching golf

  • Facilitating skill acquisition and accelerating learning

  • The application of sport science (fitness, biomechanics, etc.)

  • Assessing essential golf skills

  • Establishing training plans and realistic expectations

  • Applying practice and feedback strategies

  • Motivating and communicating with students

  • Transferring skills to the golf course

  • Training mental toughness and self-management

  • Optimizing on-course decision making

  • Coaching touring pros and elite players

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