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My main objective in teaching golf is to help my students attain long term improvement and enjoyment of the game while reaching their own personal goals. I enjoy coaching individuals in all facets of golf to allow the student to grow as a golfer and person.

I understand the role of each body part and how motion is created in the body. It is my job as an instructor to teach each student to understand their own body, to be in control of the motion, and how to swing the club in an efficient manner. A teacher can not tell a student what they will feel but can lead a student to become more aware of their own personal feel. The best gains are made by a student through self observation and discovery that comes from within.

Club face and path are controlled by the hands and arms and supported by the rest of the body. Moving in the proper sequence starting with the ground shifting pressure from the front foot to the rear foot. I use Force Plates to measure what is happening to help each student learn the correct sequence and what they can do better to improve. I use the Smart2Move Bioswing Dynamics method of measuring each student to see what correct matchups of grip and swing style will work best for them. 

I believe in complexity through simplicity in instruction. Often changing incorrect concepts will allow the student to self organize and correct many mistakes. There is always a cause and affect in what the problem is and it is my job to pinpoint what issues need to be improved and addressed in the simplest manner.

Controlling the club face, swing path, low point and having center face contact are important for every player. Typically low handicap players need to learn different things than high handicap players. It is my job to understand the student in front of me, what kind of ability they have, and what goals they want to reach. Higher handicap players typically need to learn awareness, feel and coordination. As players abilities improve they usually are more coordinated and have better touch and feel. Many of the things I need to teach a higher handicap player is often taken for granted by lower handicap players. I think this is a big reason why golf instruction is confusing for many people. What is being taught to tour players is not what the average golfer needs to be learning. I want you to learn what will help you improve the fastest and best reach your goals.   

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